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                                http://www.psipharmacy.com/images/PSI/PSIPage5.png            Pharmaceutical Specialties, Inc. is a leading and respected pharmacy specializing in endocrine and GI therapies, cystic fibrosis care including nebulized medications, equipment and supplies, pancreatic enzymes, antibiotics, and vitamin supplements.  In addition, PSI provides enteral nutrition including difficult to find formulas, feeding pumps, compounded, and veterinary medications. Based in northeast Georgia, and serving much of the eastern United States, we strive to provide our customers with courteous, prompt, and professional service. 

Our emphasis on patient care is evident in our patient compliance measures, which include initial         product consultations and regular, scheduled patient follow-up. These measures allow us to consistently achieve optimal outcomes for our patients. 

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Pharmaceutical Specialties, Inc. provides growth hormone therapy, cystic fibrosis, hepatitis C, and crohn's disease care.

We are now licensed in 49 of the United States.  We are awaiting approval for California.


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